When You Need to Call a Foundation Repair Company in Washington, DC

There’s no question that when it comes to foundation issues with the home, there are a few things that can be more destructive to the home’s structural integrity. Homeowners don’t like to think about it and, in many cases, foundation issues are considered to be a worst-case scenario. Unfortunately, these sorts of things happen all the time. However, determining the reasons why they happen can be helpful for fixing the problem and ensuring that the problem doesn’t reoccur.

Many times, the problem with the foundation has everything to do with moisture surrounding the foundation. Washington DC can get a fair share of rain, which can keep a Foundation Repair Company in Washington DC rather busy. The reason for this is that when rainwater falls, and that water isn’t moved away from the foundation of the home, this water will eventually soak deep into the soil surrounding and supporting it.

For a slab foundation, excessive moisture can cause the soil that the foundation sits on to loosen up and shift. This can cause the actual slab foundation to dip or move, pulling it apart from the rest of the foundation. This can also cause structural integrity issues with the home.

For a basement, moisture in the soil can come in contact with the walls, which act as the home’s foundation. This moisture can begin to erode the structural integrity of the wall. If there are cracks in the wall, this moisture can come through it, making the basement a damp and sometimes unusable space.

The best thing to do is prevent these problems before they happen, which means making sure the gutter systems are working properly. In addition, slopes in the landscape can help move water away that the gutter system can’t manage. However, if these problems have already occurred, then a person will want to contact a Foundation Repair Company in Washington DC. These companies can come out, diagnose the problem and fix even the most severely compromised foundations.

Whether you think you have a foundation problem, or you know you do, contacting a repair company is essential. The problem is only going to get worse, and it could eventually threaten the very home you live in. If you need to know more about the potential signs of foundation problems, or how to schedule an appointment, you can contact us here.

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