Why a Residential Siding Contractor in Lisle IL May Not Offer Aluminum as an Option

by | Apr 5, 2019 | Roofing

As homeowners or property owners having a house built look for a siding contractor in Lisle IL, they probably notice that many companies do not install aluminum siding. If they grew up in a home with that type of siding material, they might wonder why it’s no longer a common option. Price, certain kinds of problems and improvements on other materials account for the decline.

About Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is by far the most popular material for siding today. Manufacturers have improved the siding to the point where it can look almost exactly like painted wood. The improvements have also included better durability. A siding contractor in Lisle IL can charge less for this type of installation than for aluminum, steel, fiber cement or wood. That makes customers happy since so many are dealing with a relatively tight budget.

Aluminum: Dents, Scratches, Fading and Oxidation

Aluminum is susceptible to denting when hit by hail or other objects. A lawn mower kicking up a rock against the siding can cause a dent, as can a child accidentally hitting a ball against the material. Scratches and scuffs are more noticeable because they scrape away the colored finish. The finish also tends to fade, with a significant change in color over several decades. Oxidation may develop, appearing as a white-colored powder that comes off on people’s fingers and clothing.

Aluminum and Weather

Because aluminum conducts heat, the exterior of the home becomes excessively warm in the hot summer sunshine. This can force the air conditioner to work harder. Another weather-related aspect is that metal tends to be noisier than other materials when heavy rain beats against it. This can be bothersome to some household residents, especially when they are trying to sleep.


Aluminum has a metallic appearance, particularly when viewed close up. Although this has increasingly become acceptable for residential roofing, it has been decreasing in desirability for siding. Homeowners most commonly want the exterior to look like wood, which can be achieved with affordable vinyl installed by a contractor such as Exterior Designers Inc. Browse our website to find out about our services.

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