Why Getting Professional Help With Clogged Drains Cedar Rapids IA Makes Sense

by | Jul 5, 2014 | Septic Tanks

A clogged drain can certainly disrupt routines around the house. When a quick try with the plunger fails to yield any results, it makes sense to call for professional aid. Professionals know how to deal with Clogged Drains Cedar Rapids IA quickly, and without causing any damage to the plumbing system.

Assessing the Nature of the Clog

One of the first things that professionals do is ascertain the nature of the clog. They can often manage this by using a couple of tools to determine the composition of the clog. Since Clogged Drains Cedar Rapids IA may contain all sorts of substances that have blocked the flow of water through the pipes, identifying what is in the clog makes it much easier to choose the right means for removing the mass.

Extracting the Clog

When the mass is more or less solid, it may be possible to remedy the problem using what is known as a plumber’s snake. This device is inserted directly into a drain to penetrate the clog. The sharp points along the body of the snake make it easier to grip the mass and pull it out of the drain. From there, it is a matter of checking for any residual elements and making sure the water is flowing through the pipes once more. Click here for more details.

At other times, the clog may resist this type of fix. When that is the case, the professional will likely have to loosen one or more sections of pipe. By isolating the location of the clog, it is possible to remove the section that is clogged and use pressure to push the mass out of the pipe. Once it is clear, the pipe can be returned to the original position and secured properly. After checking to ensure there are no leaks at the pipe joints, the job is complete.

There is really no need to try method after method and run the risk of damaging pipes. A quick call to a professional like  will have someone on the way who knows how to deal with the situation quickly without causing any problems with the plumbing system. Given the fact that this approach saves time and also protects the system, the cost is money well spent.

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