Why Invest in Siding in Carmel?

by | Oct 3, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Investing in Siding in Carmel has multiple benefits for homeowners. A wood exterior requires a lot of maintenance through the years. The painting has to be completed every three years due to peeling, cracking, and fading. Extreme weather can wear down the material, expediting damage and rotting. Although there is a layer of insulation between the walls of the house, wood does not have any insulating properties itself. That leaves a house vulnerable to drafts and moisture, leaving the homeowner with high utility bills. Siding addresses theses issues, making the house more efficient, eliminating high maintenance, and lowering the utility bills.

Installing siding on the house yields a high return on that home improvement investment. It also boosts curb appeal and increases the value of the property. The savings in maintenance costs and utility bills can actually offset the cost of the project. That means is it possible that homeowners are spending more money to keep the wood exterior than they would to have siding put on the house. Consider that fact, along with the fact that cost savings continue well into the future, when deciding on the next home improvement. Siding in Carmel is available in various material, texture, and color options. Every preference, budget, and need can be accommodated by installing siding. Vinyl siding, for example, is the most cost-effective option. This product is energy-efficient, low maintenance, and weather and impact resistant. Added insulation can be placed between the current exterior and the vinyl product to increase efficiency if desired.

Other options include brick or stone veneers, composite materials, and cement fiber siding. Cement fiber siding is the highest energy-efficient siding material available. Warranties go as high as twenty-five years, depending on the manufacturer. Experienced renovation contractors, such as Amos Exteriors Inc, for example, have the capacity to inspect the exterior of a house, and provide recommendations for improvements. They will review options, costs, and projected savings for every situation. The return on the siding investment can be increased exponentially when older windows and doors are replaced with energy-efficient products. Financing, rebates, and tax incentives are available to assist in the initial costs of major renovations. Compare the utility costs and maintenance expenses over the past two years to the costs, and savings that will be realized, of siding installation.

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