Why You Need Grout Restoration in Columbia, SC

If you are like most people who have tile in their home, you think that your tile is a beautiful addition to your home and want it to be relatively easy to clean as well as durable. However, even though you may occasionally clean your tile surfaces, it is easy to overlook the grout between the tiles. At Sandifer’s Stone & Tile Care, we offer grout restoration services, which feature a wide range of benefits.

Why Restore Grout?
Grout has a porous composition and is usually light in color, which means it can easily be stained. Grime and dirt are often the causes of stains in areas like mudrooms and tiled entries. Meanwhile, spills are often to blame in the kitchen. Mildew, soap and mold often make cleaning grout in bathrooms a challenge to restore on your own.

Tile in all of these areas can be made to look new through grout restoration. Columbia, SC professionals will tell you that clean grout will not only make your house look newer, but also make you feel better. Once you see how bright and clean new grout looks, you’ll wonder how you lived with the dirty, stained grout for so long.

Other Benefits
Another benefit of getting your grout restored sooner rather than later is that the longer you wait to get it freshened up, the higher of a chance you have that it will require more extensive work. This is particularly true if you allow unsightly mildew and mold to penetrate your tiles and spread through your floor. If mold is not removed, it may easily pose a health hazard over time, as well as make your floors less sturdy. On the contrary, with clean grout, you are less likely to find mold and mildew inside your floor.

Restoration Process
The professionals at Sandifer’s Stone & Tile Care can restore your home’s grout and tile, making them both look totally new. Then your grout will be sealed using a penetrating sealer that is breathable. The seal will not alter your grout’s appearance or cause any other undesired changes. We can also color seal your tile’s grout in order to totally enhance or change its color. If you do this, you never have to worry about sealing the grout again. With the help of grout restoration experts, your tile can quickly look better, improving the appearance of your entire home in the months ahead.

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