Window Replacement Services in Novato, CA is Worth the Time and Money

Windows are essential elements of a home. The windows are part of the homeowner’s engagement with the outside world with views of a garden, a lovely neighborhood or children playing. Windows allow natural light in and brighten up a home. They also keep the harsh elements like rain, snow and wind out. Homeowner’s dress them up with beautiful fabrics and coverings and use them as focal points to a room’s decor. The amount of windows a home has and their size can be a selling point when it comes time to put a home on the market. A home’s window can drastically increase the value of the house, so it is worth the time and money spent on the beauty and practicality of replacement windows.

Using Window Replacement Services in Novato CA can increase a home’s value and will provide a return on the investment. It is said that getting replacement windows can increase the value of the home to the equivalent of 97% of what is spent on the windows. That means for every dollar a homeowner spends on their replacement windows will almost be matched in an increase in their home’s value. So it is easy to see the value of replacing the old and worn windows.

Window Replacement Services in Novato CA can help reduce energy costs. Older homes are made of single-pane glass with an aluminum frame that were made with seals that have a tendency to come loose. These loose seals allow drafts into the home or air-conditioned air out. Newer replacement windows will have tight seals and will keep heating and cooling costs down year round. It is a frustrating situation when a window in the home gets stuck or will not lock properly. Older windows in need of repair are a home security risk if they do not close or lock correctly. Burglaries happen more frequently in homes where the windows are not secure. The frustration caused by old and worn windows can be eliminated by using a reputable company like Northwest Exteriors to remove the old windows and replace them with new energy efficient windows. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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