Work with a Restaurant Designer in Los Angeles for Spatial Considerations

by | Jul 20, 2015 | Construction & Maintenance

Designing a restaurant certainly involves attention to aesthetic details. Owners want to create an ambiance that attracts customers and makes them want to return. However, decorating a restaurant is not all about how it looks, it also involves spatial considerations. For example, business owners need to decide how close together they want the tables to stand. Tables that are too far apart mean the restaurant could lose out on business while tables that are too close means diners will feel packed in. Working with Orchid Construction & Facility Services not only helps businesses to create a spatial paradise, but also to meet code. Most buildings have a maximum limit of people that can safely remain in the establishment at a time, so owners must make sure their restaurant meets those requirements.

Also, on top of spacing the tables properly, a Restaurant Designer in Los Angeles can help to figure out the best places for the tables, bar, and other features. For example, setting up tables close to the door might work well when the spring breeze blows through the air. However, if people receive a blast of freezing cold air every time the door opens in the winter, then owners need to reconsider the location of that table. Owners also want to make sure that both customers and servers have enough room to walk through the dining facility. A Restaurant Designer in Los Angeles can help owners to consider both safety and comfort. They want to make sure that servers can walk through the room without constantly bumping into guests. Furthermore, when carrying plates of hot food above people’s heads, accidents can occur.

Designers can also help owners to figure out if they want to offer different seating options too. For example, they may wish to open up a patio in the warmer months or build a covered veranda to offer seating that is partially inside. Also, designers can help owners to decide if they have room to offer couches in the cocktail section or benches near the bar. All of these elements help add to the appeal of the property.

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