A Closer Look At Klindex Products

While not as common as many of the other polishing machines, supplies, and equipment lines, Klindex products are designed to be highly durable and used for industrial type floor machines. The company has been manufacturing and selling their products in Italy since 1988, and has a great reputation in Europe.

As a top stone care company, we offer a range of different Klindex equipment and supplies. It has been our experience that these are top performing machines in everything from grinding and polishing to use on special applications such as countertops, stairs, corners, edges and vertically tiled surfaces.

Floor Grinders

There are several unique and interesting types of floor grinders offered by this company. As with all Klindex products they are built to last, and they have a great reputation as a commercial stone care company. They are from Italy after all, a country and area of the world were marble, terrazzo, travertine and more exotic natural stones are not just the exception but also the rule for flooring.

The company offers a wide range of different options from the biggest, Expander 1000RX Top, to smaller mono-rotating planetary grinder perfect for residential spaces. Some of their units, including that Expander 1000RX Top comes with 6 counter-rotating heads, is remote controlled, and offers full adjustment possibilities even when the machine is in action.

Special Applications

The edge grinders and the small surface grinders offered by Klindex are also a great option for any professional company. The edge grinders are square shaped over the heads, allowing the pads to get flush with the wall for an even polish. In addition to the edge grinders, the vertical grinders for walls come with a built in vacuum, for a very low dust operation, even in very difficult positions.

It is hard to imagine a situation where Klindex products wouldn’t be the answer. Their stair grinders are amazing and provide excellent control even over small surfaces such as steps and narrow surface areas between fixtures. They can reach where the large machines can’t.

You can count on quality when you make a purchase of a Klindex floor machine. This company also makes a full line of polishing powders and creams, diamond discs and pads, and a full line of specialty products for everything from polishing concrete to providing the right chemicals for wood, cork and rubberized floors.

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