Traditional and Innovative High Temp Silicone Sealant

More and more companies that manufacture high-quality sealants and foams are beginning to see the advantage to innovation and creativity. Along with high temp silicone sealant for industrial settings, there are now many hybrid products available for homeowners seeking to seal openings and penetrations in their home.

Also, many bottles of sealant now have screw-on nozzle applicators that ensure the bottle remains functional for longer. You won’t need to rush out to replace broken applicators any longer.

Hybrid Sealants
Sealants that combine multiple materials are effective at getting the job done right. New technology has been utilized to design and manufacture hybrids that provide equal or better results than traditional sealant technology.

Typically, hybrids include silicone, polyurethane, and neutral care, or some combination of those. Hybrids help customers work more efficiently and accomplish what they need to do while saving money and time.

Of course, the traditional technology is still effective as well. 100% silicone or all-purpose sealants and adhesives are also still available, such as high temp silicone sealant, which is typically used in high temperature industrial or mechanical environments rather than residential settings.

High Temperature Silicone Sealant
High temp sealant made out of silicone is highly useful in industrial settings where high temperatures are common. High temp silicone sealant is designed specifically to provide gaskets that are “formed in place” and adapt to the surrounding high-temperature environment. These gaskets are malleable and reliable, and of course, strongly resistant to high temperatures.

These sealants are common in mechanical assemblies, electrical terminals, and transportation applications. In industrial settings where fire resistance is particularly important, flame retardant silicone sealants and high heat non-corrosive sealants are also popular.

Heat management is a significant feature that many manufacturers in the transportation and electronics industries look for in their preferred high-temperature silicone sealant. These sealants and caulks can withstand up to 316 degrees C (600 degrees F).
So where can it be used safely? Silicone sealant used for high-temperature environments is applicable in many different settings. High temp silicone caulks can adapt to plastic, glass, wood, and metal, providing heat and flame resistance regardless of the material.

High temp silicone sealants are becoming increasingly popular in industrial environments where preventative measures are needed to prevent burning. These types of sealants and adhesives are practical, easy to use, and affordable.

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