A Roofing Contractors in Astoria, OR Has the Right Covering for the Job

Building a business from the ground up has the advantage of being able to tailor it to meet the demands of the Contractors that will use it. For maximum strength and durability, a commercial roof should complement the style of the building being built, while providing the necessary support to house any signage, air conditioning systems or other structures that may be placed on top of it. A roofing contractors in Astoria, OR, that caters to commercial customers, can help with selecting the right roofing components for the new building, so that form meets function when everything has been completed.

Commercial Roof Versus Residential Roof

Not all roofs are the same, especially when the building being covered is designed for a specific purpose. The roof on a residential structure, for the most part, will not have as much square footage to cover as a commercial structure will. This is why most commercial roofs are flat or slightly sloped in design, while residential roofs are pitched at an angle. The roof on a commercial structure needs to be able to support its own weight, as well as anything that that may be placed on top of it.

Roofing Materials

Most residential roofs are covered with asphalt, wood shingles or metal. Some commercial structures use these materials as well, however the majority of commercial roofs are covered with what is referred to as “built up” which includes coal tar, gravel, asphalt and modified bitumen. Commercial roofs can also be covered with a single-ply membrane material or high-tech polymers. For high rise buildings, contractors usually prefer to use metal on the roof, since it holds up better to the increased wind speed that is often present at extreme heights.

Newest Trend in Commercial Roofing Materials

One of the newest and most affordable trends in commercial roofing is the use a rubber like material that is made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). This material is quickly becoming the roofing material of choice, since it’s lightweight and durable, and even reflects sunlight. It is virtually impenetrable to leaks, since a heat welder is used to fuse the seams together.

When installing a commercial roof, it’s important to use a roofing Contractors in Astoria OR who is familiar with the problems associated with covering a large surface. If done improperly, a commercial roof may be subject to cracks and leaks. For more information regarding commercial roofs, please visit Weatherguard Inc.

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