How Steel Buildings in Mattoon, IL Are Revolutionizing Construction

by | Apr 23, 2020 | Construction & Maintenance

Common in heavy-duty structural applications, steel is also gaining ground on the wall and roof materials front. Engineered roofs and panels of this type are being used in retail, agriculture, industrial and commercial applications. The following are some of the reasons why pre-manufactured steel buildings in Mattoon IL are winning accolades by engineers, architects, and facility managers.

The rapid erection of steel buildings is one reason for their popularity. Panels are thin and modular, standing in contrast to masonry construction. Concrete blocks are used to build a structure that’s very hard to modify later, and pouring wet concrete takes weeks to cure. Weather has very little impact on construction using metal materials, so projects tend to stay on schedule.

Steel’s vibration and acoustic performance is excellent. Although fire protection systems are required in all commercial and industrial facilities, with steel, its performance is very well understood. This sometimes reduces the amount of fire suppression equipment needed to meet compliance.

In a world where resources have been relentlessly exploited, metal stands out as different. It can be repurposed time and again, with very little energy usage. Its low impact also allows architects to spec it to gain LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points in pursuit of a green building certification.

Adding to their green appeal, they can be insulated for greater energy efficiency. Skylights and windows can provide additional natural lighting by day. Roofs can be setup to hold photovoltaic panels to generate electricity, or to mount solar thermal equipment to heat water. Ventilation components, such as ridge vents and louvers allow for the building to diffuse excess heat and breathe naturally.

Metal structures are also praised for being inherently safer to handle during construction. Fabrication occurs off-site by skilled workers. Tolerances tend to be tight, resulting in little to zero need for field modifications. Because the erection of steel buildings is waste free, no additional dust or hazards are created.

Flexibility is another big plus for metal. They are easy to reconfigure, retrofit and add to. This is vital in today’s economy where companies need to stay agile to remain in business. Materials manufacturers often provide an impressive guarantee. Some products come with a warranty of 20 years or more. This is a small testament to its reputation as a quality material.

As population grows, economies develop, more land is cleared and older, poorly maintained structures are taken down, construction will continue around the globe. Steel buildings offer an opportunity to build something fast and of high quality that can easily be modified when needed. Contact Swingler Construction to receive a free estimate for commercial or industrial building construction, industrial buildings design and construction services in Mattoon, IL.

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