Considerations When Choosing Roofing in Edmond to Make a Bold Design Statement

Roofing in Edmond area can be a definitive design statement for a residential property. Times had changed from the days when it seemed that most roofs were black, gray or brown, and homeowners didn’t have the nerve to shake things up with something different. Now, so many shingle colors and patterned styles are available that people can easily create an intriguing look for their home that includes the roof and not only the type of siding and other exterior features. Of course, it’s essential to consider all aspects of the color choice, since the roof will be in place for many years.

For example, someone might be attracted to a roofing color that isn’t entirely common in their neighborhood. They might like forest green, ocean blue or sunset red. When deciding on roofing in Edmond area, homeowners must consider the long-term implications. Their yellow house and sunset red roof will make quite a visual impact on passersby, but will the homeowners still like it several years down the road? What about the chances of selling the house quickly at some point or getting an optimum price for it? Will a dramatic color choice look dated in 10 years? Getting a new roof isn’t as simple as having the house repainted. That roof is meant to be there for a very long time, which is why selecting the right color is so important.

In fact, some towns and neighborhoods have restrictions on the colors that can be used for paint, siding, and Roofing. When a property owner wants to order shingles in a hue that nobody else in the neighborhood has, learning whether that color is even allowed is critical. A company such as Mallard Construction & Roofing may already have the answer to this question; if not, the contractor can find out. Instead of going with the bold statement, a color choice such as white paint and a green roof may be more inviting for the long term. However, if zoning does allow a combination of yellow and red, this can be an especially suitable option for houses in the farmhouse or Spanish construction style.

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