Dressing Up Concrete Flooring in Greeley, CO in the Home

Once upon a time, the idea of using bare Concrete Flooring in Greeley CO only applied in business settings. The fact is that home-owners are catching on to the face that with the right type of treatment, a concrete floor can look great in the living, dining, and other rooms of the home. Here are some tips on how to make the flooring look great and enjoy all the benefits that come with this type of flooring.

Polishing the Concrete

One of the first things to do with residential Concrete Flooring in Greeley CO is to have a professional polish the surface. When the job is done properly, the result is a smooth surface that has a slight gloss. Some people like the neutral color of the concrete so much that they will want to do nothing more than apply a coat of some type of sealing agent to the floor. While plain, this approach does provide the ideal foundation for using any colors in the room that the home-owner wants.

Staining the Surface

There is also the possibility of staining the concrete before sealing it. This approach works well when the home-owner does have a specific color scheme in mind and wants to use one of the primary colors for the floor. An expert can apply an even coat of the stain and ensure the color is uniform. Once the color is just right, the sealing agent can be applied to the surface.

Stencils Work Too

Whether the polished concrete is left plain or tinted some color, there is also the possibility of using stencils to add more detail. A stencil makes it easier to imitate the look of a grid pattern, much like that of a tile floor. Some people will use stencils to create the look of an area rug as a way to define where the furniture will be arranged. Keep in mind that if the owner tires of the stenciled pattern, the floor can always be sanded and a different pattern put in place.

For any home-owner who would like to explore the possibilities of a concrete floor, visit Website today and check out some of the options. With the help of a professional, it will not be hard to achieve the desired look and be happy with it for years to come.

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