Explaining a Rough Terrain Crane and Why You Might Need One for a Project

Construction projects require a lot of different tools and equipment. One thing you might need to move heavy materials in a rough terrain crane. This class of cranes is great for moving items on rough surfaces as well as paved streets. It is actually a pretty versatile piece of equipment. See why you might need the help of a rough terrain crane on your next project.

A Brief Overview

In essence, rough terrain cranes in Illinois are suitable for use on all types of ground. The name itself indicates that they can also be used on uneven terrain. In these situations, the crane is capable of climbing over different elevations. It is also able to keep its traction consistent over these surfaces. Most of these cranes also use 4-wheel drive to increase traction.

One other important aspect of these cranes is that they are portable. Their compact size makes them perfect for areas that are tight on space. They also have outriggers and a hydraulic lifting system to handle loads of all sizes. Due to this, there’s no reason you don’t need rough terrain cranes in Illinois.

Also Think About This

Rough terrain cranes also provide a number of other benefits. Since these cranes are not stationary, you can lift and carry loads to their destination. Also, these cranes carry a counterweight to make them very stable. All in all, a rough terrain crane in Illinois is a necessity for any project.

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