Why Steel Stair Stringers Are Your Best Option for Home Structural Needs

Any time a staircase with stringers is needed in a home, the homeowner has to make a decision as to what type will be built. Most experts agree that steel is the best option for a stair stringer in Baltimore, MD. Here are just a few of the reasons why this is so


The first reason for choosing steel that is cited by most homeowners and builders is the fact that steel is so strong. The loads that steel can bear far surpass that which can be born by wood or other materials. Steel is even stronger than concrete. It is because of this strength that steel stringers are considered the safest and most secure in the industry


One major quality about a stair stringer in Baltimore, MD, made from steel is that the metal is so easily rendered into virtually any shape or design that you desire. Unlike other materials such as wood, steel can be liquefied and then cast into custom shapes. They will always be able to look exactly how you want it.


Another key factor that makes steel such a wonderful option for a stair stringer in Baltimore, MD, is the fact that the metal is resistant to most forms of weather. Unlike other metals such as iron, steel does not rust and therefore is the optimal choice for outdoor stairs.

If you need your stairs and stringer replaced or need an entirely fresh set of stairs put in, contact East Coast Cable Solutions .

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