Here’s What You Should Know Before You Use A Sledgehammer On Your Kitchen For A Remodel

by | Nov 13, 2019 | Construction & Maintenance

Homeowners remodeling their kitchens have a lot of fun picking out subway tiles for the back splash, counters, appliances, and maybe shiplap on the walls. Kitchen design remodeling in Naperville is a little more involved than that. Before homeowners call in the pros, they should know a few things first.

How Is The Kitchen Used?

If you’re the kind who cooks from scratch every day, then you might need a bigger fridge and new appliances. Cooks who have big Sunday dinners and big holidays might need a giant kitchen table to eat with friends.

Those who pop a frozen dinner in the oven or heat up some soup should stick to the basics. Homeowners with a bottle of milk in the fridge and a box of Poptarts in the cupboards might need more food storage.

How Many Cooks Use The Kitchen?

If you’re the only cook in the kitchen, then you have some planning to do. If there are two or more cooks, then the planning will be more intricate.

Draw a sketch of the existing kitchen. Include electrical outlets and plumbing. Next, draw the kitchen of your dreams. You can gather pictures of your dream kitchen in a folder or online. The design builder will need to know what he’s working with and what you want it turned into.

What’s Most Important To You?

Now that some of the basics are down, your kitchen design remodeling in Naperville professional will need to know what you need most in your new kitchen. Is storage what you need most?

Room to move effectively within the triangle of stove, sink, and fridge is usually needed. A bigger work/prep area might fit the bill. How about more and specific lighting? If a new window isn’t in the budget, then the design build professional can work in better lighting. While you’re planning all this, contact River Oak Cabinetry & Design to learn how they can help.

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