Kitchen Features You Must Have

The kitchen is a key part of a house. In San Antonio, kitchens are a big deal. It is a gathering spot for families, a place to entertain, and a functional area. There have been a few key features introduced for kitchens lately, and you want to make sure to include them in your remodeling plans.


On the surface countertops seem pretty simple, and they don’t seem all that exciting. However, new innovations have come up in kitchen designs that take countertops up a notch. The first is materials, getting the right material for your countertop can be a game changer. There are countertops that are heat resistant, scratch resistant, and beautiful. You no longer have to worry about hot pots or cutting boards again. Another simple, yet very practical change to countertops is the built in garbage slot. This makes food preparation and clean up so much easier.


So many changes to kitchen appliances have occurred over the last ten years or so. There hasn’t been a single kitchen appliance that has not been improved upon. Some of these advancements may be more expensive than they are worth, but the double oven is not one you want to miss. This design allows you to have the functionality of two ovens, without the space footprint of actually having two ovens. If you have ever struggled with cooking a multi course meal, you know how much this can help. You are no longer limited to trying to cook the turkey and the potatoes at the same temperature. Refrigerators have also had a big change recently, with the French door design. This new design allows for an ice machine, and a full width freezer. The side-by-side design was the first to have an ice machine, but the narrow freezer space was a major drawback.

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