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by | Mar 16, 2017 | Heating & Air Conditioning

All homeowners should be aware of what is going on around and inside of their home in order to protect yourself and your home from costly repairs and water damage. Hire a professional to perform regular checking of the water pipes; take notice of any warning signs and call Preferred Home Services immediately. Listed below are 3 questions every homeowner should be concerned with in order to protect themselves from a headache, hassle, and the cost of Broken Water Line Repair in Charleston SC.

Do you have matured trees around your water lines?

Tree roots frequently follow the path of water lines and disrupt them. The roots want to be in water pipes because they furnish essential elements that they need to grow: oxygen, water, and nutrients. When the roots finally make their way into the pipes, they can cause blocks and clogs that will lead to further problems and need repairing.

How old are your water pipes?

Most of the country’s water pipes were placed at the end of World War II and are in serious need of repair or replacement. The average age of a broken main water line is 47 years old. Being informed of the age of your pipes will help you know when they need to be replaced.

What are the warning signs of damaged pipes?

Most of the time, it is the little things homeowners overlook that may be a symbol of broken or damaged water lines. Family meals being frequently cooked in the kitchen can lead to food disposal and grease being clogged up in drain and sewer lines. A barely dripping faucet may be a sign that a water line is leaking, and slow drainage or a clogged toilet can inform you that a sewer line is clogged. Detecting these warning signs can save you from sudden costly repairs.

A large number of homeowners may not be aware that they are generally responsible for all of the pipes on their property, instead of it being the water company or the local government’s problem. Also, many do not know that most of the homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover the repair costs for water pipelines, leaving you unprotected from the expenses. Contact Preferred Home Services for any Broken Water Line Repair in Charleston SC.

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