Hire Quality Heating And Cooling Repair For Home near Lincolnwood

by | Mar 15, 2022 | Heating & Air Conditioning

With the unbalanced weather Illinois has been having recently, it’s important to be prepared for heating and cooling needs. The winter winds may have a left a slight chill in the bones while the summer humidity and rain is making it feel like the Amazon Rainforest. Staying ahead of heating and cooling repair for homes near Lincolnwood is probably the best investment any homeowner or business can make right now. Improperly working air conditioners can leave a home or business uncomfortable. It can also leave anyone inside of a home or business less than productive due to the humid levels from an improperly working air conditioning system.

Utilizing a maintenance contract with an HVAC company can keep anyone comfortable year round. A maintenance contract for air conditioning units includes:

* Cleaning out the condensing unit of the air conditioning unit.

* Testing Freon levels.

* Oil the motor of the unit.

* Inspect the indoor coil and drainage of the unit.

* Calibrate the thermostat if necessary.

The check on the system allows the technician to keep the owner abreast of any problems they may see during their inspection. Correcting faulty wiring is important at the earliest stages before the unit becomes completely inoperable. If a drainage line is clogged or not draining properly, the unit will not operate correctly. Eliminating stress and strain on the unit help the unit to operate more efficiently. Heating And Cooling Repair for homes near Lincolnwood lowers the energy costs to the owner over the summer and winter seasons.

Having a maintenance contract with a reputable HVAC company also permits an owner to check out their services. If an owner is already established with an HVAC company, an emergency call in the middle of the night will not be concerning because they’re dealing with the same company. The company also becomes familiar with the heating and cooling unit and has a record of what maintenance has been performed. Enjoy comfortable temperatures all year long even when the weather outside is frightful with quality HVAC repair. Ask about specials that are currently available to customers in the area and if there are more questions, please feel free to contact Elite HVACS Heating & Air.

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