Reasons to Consider Replacing an HVAC System or having HVAC Repair Work Done

Whenever homeowners are having issues with their heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, it is important for them to consider the practicality of having HVAC Repair work done compared to buying a new system. While sometimes the repair work may seem less expensive, often it can be a more costly choice later on.

Determining the age of the HVAC system can be very important in this type of situation. While some systems can last longer, most are not designed to last more than 15 to 25 years. If the system is nearing this age, repairing the system may not be a cost-effective choice since the system will most likely need to be replaced in the near future.

It is also a good idea to consider how well the unit performs when it is not in need of any HVAC Repair work. As some systems age, they do not work as consistently or well as they did when they were new. If a homeowner’s system does not provide good heating and/or cooling in all areas of the home, this can be a problem. Homeowners should carefully consider the performance of the system before making any costly repairs.

Another area homeowners should evaluate is the cost of running the system. Many of the older systems are not as cost effective to run as newer models. In many cases, a homeowner who replaces his or her old system with a new model will find their energy costs decrease substantially. A homeowner should consider this as well. Many times it can be helpful to hire an HVAC company to perform a system analysis to determine how cost effectively the old model is operating and how much can be saved with the purchase of a new unit.

Homeowners should also reflect on the amount of money being spent repairing the unit each year. Most units should only need one repair a year. If the current system requires repairs more frequently, replacing it may be a more economical option.

Deciding to repair or replace an HVAC system can be a very important choice for most homeowners. Often the advice of a professional can be a great help. For more information, please contact Palm Harbor Heating & Air Conditioning.

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