Quality Foundation Repairing in Mississippi Can Help a Building Stand for Decades

by | Jul 29, 2015 | Construction & Maintenance

When a home or building settles on its foundation things shift a little, and only minor issues occur. However, when the Foundation suffers severe damage, or a void develops underneath it, the stress from shifting can spread through the whole building. The result of heavy stress can be cracks in the walls, doors and windows that won’t operate properly, a separation between walls and a variety of other dangerous issues. The only real solution to stop this sort of damage is Foundation Repairing in Mississippi. A foundation repair will eliminate stress points under the home, fill in any voids caused by water and restore the value of the property.

There are several types of repairs that can be used for foundation failure. Perhaps the simplest is grout pumping. This repair can serve several functions such as filling a void or applying pressure beneath the foundation and elevating the building. The latter option is necessary when the foundation has sunken due to a void on an edge or corner of the building. A void is often caused by water problems. That is, poor drainage around the building can cause water to slowly wash the supporting soil away. As this problem grows, the void gets larger, and stress points develop under the foundation.

Another type of Foundation Repairing in Mississippi, known as piers, is designed to lift and support the foundation. The use of piers provides a more durable repair because the piers are sunk into a more stable soil. In the case of the Jackson area, this is the soil known as ‘Blue’ clay and can usually be found at a depth of about thirty-two feet.

For a less severe foundation failure, it may be possible to employ the repair known as underpinning. This particular fix extends the existing foundation support, much like Piers, to deeper and more solid strata. One problem that can occur with underpinning is larger voids as the foundation is lifted. To eliminate this concern, the contractor will use pressurized Grout to fill any spaces under the foundation. This also has the effect of spreading the weight of the building more evenly, so the repair lasts longer. To learn more about foundation failure and ways to repair them, Visit website.

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