New Pool Installers in Nassau County, NY are Available Now

A pool offers a place to relax and de-stress at home. It can turn an ordinary backyard into a private resort. Since the temperature is currently cold outside, the last thing on the mind may be putting in a pool. However, this is the perfect time to contact New Pool Installers in Nassau County NY. Having a pool installed during the off-season means no waiting when it’s finally warm enough outside to enjoy it.

Pool Choices

When deciding to take the plunge and put in a pool, it’s important to know what kind of pool will work best. Gunite pools are made using a rebar framework that is covered with a mixture of concrete and sand, and it’s the most popular pool choice since it can be fabricated into almost any shape desired. Vinyl pools are constructed with a cement-like floor that is covered with a vinyl liner. Between the cement-like floor and the liner, there is a thick piece of vinyl that acts as a cushion to soften any impact to the liner.


Any type of in-ground pool requires installation by new pool installers in Nassau County NY. These professionals will begin by drawing up a design and obtaining the necessary permits. Next comes the excavation, followed by the framing of the pool walls. Finally, the gunite or vinyl pool covering will be put in place and the finishing work will be completed, including tiling around the top edge and adding the coping material.


One of the main reasons homeowners are hesitant about installing a pool is maintenance. Taking care of a pool requires dedicating time each week for cleaning the pool, balancing the chemicals, and keeping up with any repairs that may be needed. Instead of taking on this task alone, consider hiring a pool company to do the maintenance for you. This can free up valuable time while someone else handles all of the problems as they arise.

Installing a pool now will ensure that it’s ready to swim in when the summer arrives. Delaying until closer to the summer may mean waiting longer for a contractor to fit another installation project into the schedule. For more information about swimming pools, please browse our website.

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