Safety Tips For Drilling Services in Hawaii

by | Jan 17, 2019 | Construction & Maintenance

There is no denying drilling can be a dangerous job. This is especially true if the workers are drilling into concrete. One of the most important to things to remember about any job site Drilling Services in Hawaii is there are safety guidelines to follow. Here are some expert tips to do just that.

Wear Proper Clothing

This should go without saying, but the proper protective clothing should always be worn for any drilling job. Unfortunately, there are still some workers who may try and “get away” with wearing clothing that is more comfortable than safe. This should not be allowed, as it actually violates OSHA rules and can result in worker injury and possible lawsuits. At a bare minimum, the worker should be wearing protective shoes that cover the entire foot, work-quality denim jeans, a long-sleeve shirt, protective eye wear, and a hard hat.

Don’t Go Near

If the equipment for Drilling Services in Hawaii is in use, do not go near it. This is because during the process of drilling there could be stray fragments shooting up that could cause bodily harm. It can be harmful even if protective clothing is worn. The machines themselves may also be extremely hot from the exertion of working so hard. Another thing many workers tend to forget is to never walk in the work site alone. There could be unknown dangers presenting themselves. If someone gets injured with no one around, they could be in serious danger.

A Professional Look

Before even beginning any sort of drilling procedures, let the professional inspectors review the site. This will ensure everything is as safe as it can be. Clients should never be on-site unless it is absolutely necessary. They should never be on-site while work is actually being performed. When the client is on the job site all of the time, it can prove to be distracting to workers.

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