What is Concrete Drive Resurfacing?

Over time, your concrete drive area is going to show the consequences of wear and tear, such as small cracks and pitting. Often, these cosmetic flaws do not necessarily cause structural damage but do add an eyesore to the appearance of the surface. To restore the concrete, you do not have to have the entire area replaced. Instead, concrete drive resurfacing can be the solution. For mildly worn or damaged concrete, resurfacing will revitalize the concrete, saving you time and money.

Understanding Concrete Drive Resurfacing

When a driveway requires significant repairs or has structural damage, it will need to be replaced. This involves breaking up the old concrete and removing the material to allow for new concrete to be poured. This is a lengthy, messy, and expensive process. However, if your driveway is only mildly damaged, you can revitalize the surface of the concrete through resurfacing.

Resurfacing involves using the existing concrete structure as a base to place concrete resurfacing material directly on top of the current concrete. The thin-cement-based overlay contains special bonding agents that will adhere the new concrete to the old base. Your final results will be a beautiful, smooth new surface to promote the longevity of your driveway. The process is fast, effective, and more cost-effective than replacing the entire driveway.

Not all damaged driveways are able to be resurfaced. To determine if your driveway needs to be replaced or concrete drive resurfacing, CO Hard Surfaces will evaluate the damage and discuss your options to restore your driveway’s original beauty.

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