3 Secrets to a Long-Lasting Home Air Conditioner in Mobile AL

Because the summer months in Mobile are so hot and humid, central air conditioning is a must-have. Most modern air conditioning units are designed to last for 20 years or more, but they can die much sooner with improper use and neglectful ownership. If you want your Air Conditioner in Mobile AL to stand the test of time, you’ll have to take good care of it. Below are the 3 most effective ways to make sure your air conditioner has a long, healthy life.

Invest in Professional Maintenance

Unlike homes farther north, most households in Alabama run their air conditioners for many months out of the year. Because of this frequent use, it’s important to hire a professional once a year to give your unit a much needed tune-up. A professional HVAC technician can clean your system and check to make sure every component is working properly. The result? Your Air Conditioner in Mobile AL will always be in top-notch shape and will meet or exceed its life expectancy.

Change Your Filters

It’s amazing the problems that dirty filters can cause your Air Conditioner in Mobile AL. Professional servicemen often cite clogged, dirty filters as the number one cause of air conditioning breakdowns and premature deaths. The lesson? Make sure you change your filters regularly! Depending on what type of filter you have, you’ll need to change it every 1 to 3 months. To be on the safe side, give it a good cleaning every couple of weeks, especially if pet hair is an issue in your home. You can simply vacuum it out with an attachment or rinse it in warm, soapy water.

Keep Your Outdoor Unit Clean

Your outdoor unit, or condenser, can suffer real damage from lawn debris or the weather. To prolong the life of your air conditioning system, make sure to keep your condenser free of leaves, sticks and other common yard rubbish. Try to keep it shaded from the sun as much as possible and cover it up during the cooler months. You should also clean your condenser coils frequently by removing the cover and spraying them down with a hose.

It takes a little care and maintenance to keep your Air Conditioner in Mobile AL running well for its entire life expectancy. Follow the tips above, and don’t hesitate to call a professional if you have any breakdowns. In the Mobile area, visit website domain for expert service.

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