Indicators that You’re In Need of a Water Heater Installation Jacksonville FL Contractor

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Like most appliances in the home, your water heater will eventually break down. While no one enjoys talking about the expense of purchasing a new appliance, the thought of taking cold showers might persuade you otherwise. With that in mind, the best time to consider replacing your water heater is before it stops working altogether. Waiting until the last minute could lead to more problems including, large leaks, and water damage to the home. Therefore, learning the below clues is advised so that you can contact a professional for Water heater installation in Jacksonville FL.


As with all other functioning appliances in the home, age is a huge determining factor on when you should replace a water heater. The older the system gets, the higher the chances are of it breaking down. Electric water heaters can last about eight to ten years, while a gas water heater will last between six and eight years. If your water heater is older than this, a replacement might actually save you money.

Rust and Corrosion

Another sign that you need a new water heater installed is if your tank has a lot of rust or corrosion on it. Check the area around the temperature and pressure relief valves. You should also inspect the water to see if it is turning a rust color, which could mean that there is also rust inside of the tank. Since rust and corrosion cannot be fixed, it is only a matter of time before your system starts to leak and needs to be replaced.

Cold or Luke Warm Water

A third sign that you need to search for a contractor to complete a Water heater installation in Jacksonville FL is if your water does not get as hot as it once did, or has completely stopped getting hot. While there could be some repairs to remedy the problem, if you’ve experienced any of the above signs along with change in water temperature, this is likely a sign that you need a replacement.

While regular maintenance and routine repairs can make a significant difference in the lifespan of your water heater, these above signs are indicators that you need to consider a replacement n from a contractor for Water heater installation Jacksonville FL is your best and most efficient option.

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