Air Conditioning Services Honolulu: Tips for Making You’re A/C Unit More Efficient

by | Jul 22, 2014 | Heating & Air Conditioning

Along with the warmer months come higher energy bills from using the air conditioning unit to stay cool during hot days. With the price of energy increasing every year, taking time to make your air conditioner more efficient can save you money better spent on rent, food or other things. Here are a few easy ways to increase the efficiency of your ait conditioning unity.

Give Your Unit a Tune Up

The first thing you should do before you turn on your a/c is perform routine maintenance. Clean or replace the filter, wipe down the coils and clear away any debris or obstructions like plants that may be blocking the appliance’s vents. The air conditioner can’t operate efficiently if it’s struggling to circulate air through dirty or blocked components.

Shade Your Appliance

Ideally, your air conditioner should be situated in a shaded area. Being placed in warm location or the direct path of the sun makes your unit work harder to cool itself and your home. If you’re unable to relocate the appliance, then place a canopy or umbrella over it. Be certain the canopy sits far enough above and away from the unit that it doesn’t block the vents. View the site for more details.

Make Sure Vents in the Home are Clear

If you have central air conditioning, make sure there is nothing blocking the vents like furniture or those Christmas decorations you never got around to putting in the attic. Your home will struggle to cool down if the air isn’t circulating properly. This can cause your air condition to work longer and harder, leading to higher energy bills.

Fix Broken or Holey Ducts

Have an Air Conditioning Services Honolulu company check the air ducts. Like blocked vents, leaky ducts can make it harder to get cool air into your home. The air conditioning technician can patch holey ducts or fix ones that may not be connected correctly, which can improve the efficiency of your appliance.

For more tips or help getting the most out of your air conditioner this summer, call an Air Conditioning Services Honolulu company like Air Source Air Conditioning. Their trained technicians can evaluate your unit and make recommendations that can help you save money.

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